This Whole Post Is Weird

It's been about two weeks since I wrote my last post, in which I promised to "get much more bloggy up in here." Which, A) did I actually say that? What am I, a blogging gangster? and B) who am I kidding? I can't keep my life together enough to make promises like that. But here are a few things that have happened since my last post:

1.     I got hired on as a temporary secretary at my church for two weeks while the real secretary is out of town. And I mostly just say, "Uh, I dunno. She'll be back on the twenty-first..." Well, that AND I'm doing a lot of graphic design stuff, which is so much fun and I think I may have missed my calling. If graphic designers all use Microsoft Publisher and "borrow" images from google. So, no? [A rant about Microsoft Publisher was here, but has been redacted because who the heck cares about my software preferences and also who the heck still uses Publisher?] So, YAY INCOME! For a little while, anyway.

2.     I had a second interview for a job I was very excited about. SPOILER ALERT (because of course there's another shoe needing to drop here): I was my usual Chronically Honest self and, when asked if I saw this as a long-term opportunity, I spewed my Texas plans and my new hippie "I'm going where ever life takes me" philosophy and told them I couldn't guarantee more than a year, although I wanted to stay longer than that. If you're really clueless about how the world works, skip down a little to find out how this ends.

3.     I realized I've forgotten how to be a productive member of society. That was a nice little wake-up call.

4.     My goddaughter was born! She's beautiful and healthy and wonderful and I'm so excited to get to watch her grow. Until I move to Texas. But we're not talking about that today. [A bitter rant about how some women have conceived, gestated, and given birth to whole children in the time I've been unemployed was here, but was also redacted because OOOOH PRETTY BABIES!!!]

5.     I started carrying a concealed handgun. And before you put on your judgey pants or gasp and clutch your pearls, let me explain:
  • It is legal for me to do so where I live;
  • I have had training on the safe and effective use of handguns;
  • My church has recently received some threats and I spend a significant portion of my day alone in the unlocked building (by nature, the church needs to be unlocked). While the danger is probably not very high (the police are involved, nothing new has happened in about three weeks), the threatener is mentally unstable and I'd rather not tango with him unarmed;
  • It is concealed so as not to cause a panic or instill fear in the normal church people;
  • I have permission of the pastors and elders who run the church;
  • I am not the only one in this building armed at any given time on any given day;
  • I will not use it unless is it ABSOLUTELY necessary, which is a highly unlikely event. But that's why you carry a gun: to be prepared for that highly unlikely event.
ANYWAY. The reason I bring it up is that this is new and slightly weird. And, while I've always supported the CONCEPT of responsible handgun use, I didn't realize how much it would affect me to carry one. I am suddenly HYPER-AWARE of the deadliness and the social implications of having one on my person or around my house. I have also spent significant time thinking about dangerous scenarios and how I would react (both legally and morally). And then there are the SILLY things. Practical things like how this chunk of metal affects my balance, which clothes I wear, and how I maneuver throughout my day to keep it concealed. I guess what I'm saying is that this is so much more REAL than I thought it would be. Which, duh, of course it is. It's a huge responsibility and you shouldn't take it on without taking into account ALL of the variables and risks, which I believe I have done. What I'm saying is, it's no longer an abstract, cut-and-dry issue to me any more.

And, listen, I'm not really looking to have a politically charged gun discussion, but I DID bring it up, so if you MUST, give it a go. We can get ALL DISCUSSY in the comments, which isn't something that's ever happened here. Not that I'm mentioning this to BE DISCUSSY. Whatever. The bag is empty, the cat's gone, let's do this thing.

6.     I didn't get that job (cue everyone's SURPRISED FACE). And I know I said that if I didn't get it, I'd start looking in Texas and it would be the Lord's way of showing me His path. And I still completely believe that. But. Can I just say how incredibly discouraged and worthless I feel right now, just mere hours after I got the rejection call?

It's been 11 months of unemployment. It's been multiple failed interviews (I count them as failed if I didn't get the job, which is very glass-half-empty-of-me, but there it is). It's been 14 months of looking for a job. It's been THREE YEARS of work-related headaches, heartaches, and walletaches. And it's moments like these that make me ask the ridiculous and self-pitying question: Why doesn't anyone want me?

Tomorrow, I'll start again. Tomorrow, I'll turn my eyes toward Texas. Tomorrow, I will remember the Lord's promise. Today, I just want to look at Him and ask "Why?" and "How much longer?" and take comfort in the fact that He's a big enough God to handle my questions and doubts.

7.     There really isn't a seven, so go ahead and jump in with your comments now. Just know that if you're mean to me about #5, I might cry extra hard because of #6.


  1. I'm sorry about the job! But! It sounds like that means you will focus MORE on Texas, which I am all for. And it sounds like #5 is just you preparing even more for Texas. You'll fit right in! I wish you good luck in your new searches down here. I can't wait to read more!

  2. I'm so sorry you're feeling discouraged. I feel discouraged too right now, and its all because I put these deadlines on myself of where I think I should be. And of course I'm not there. I've been feeling like I need a job--something to just be useful and have purpose. This is coming from someone who has two kids. So I feel bad saying that, but I just want you to know I hear ya :)

    I want to read the post without the redactions :) I have a feeling that one would make me laugh a little.

    Hang in there, girl. If for nothing else you've got some good blog fodder here.

  3. So I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I am also a disgustingly optimistic person, so there is that. Seriously though, everything happens for a reason, and is one step closer to where you are supposed to be. If that is Texas, or the far North, you will be taken where you need to be. Of course the long uncertain wait can be frustrating and unnerving.
    I've done the moving to a new place with no money, no job, and no prospects thing before. Of course it was a much shorter distance, and I had a huge support group waiting to hold me up when I got there. Good thing though is you do have a support group down here that are ready to help out as much as is needed.

    Oh also, when my mom worked as a secretary for our church when I was in middle school, she was always armed. Our church was in a very bad neighborhood and we had a food pantry that she was in charge of too, so there were always some fairly desperate people hanging around. Also the church was robbed at least twice a month. Who robs a church? But she always had a gun as did the pastor.

  4. Oh, LADY! Hugs to you. I think Texas is the answer. It's what your heart needs, a fresh start!

  5. The redactions are very much ranty and goofy and very self-centered. But I will say 1) Microsoft Publisher is practically useless and 2) WHOLE BABIES! Being grown from scratch! While I wait for a job! WHOLE BABIES!!!!

    Does that help? ;)

  6. HA! See, I'm not some gun-toting nutjob. And one of the other carriers? The pastor, a former Navy man, police officer, and prisoner transport guard. So it's not like I'm unprotected when HE'S here. ;)

    And oh, Texas. I believe I will be headed your way soon.

  7. Man, I'm so late to this party, because I forgot to read blogs, but... um...
    We want you. Texas. All of us. The whole state. Specifically me, my husband, my baby (who misses you) and the ladies of my bible study who have been praying for you. I know it's not the same. I'm not an employer, and I don't mean to minimize the hurt of chronic rejection, because that sucks. It does. A lot.

    BUT (and you know there's a big but here, because it's me--**hahahah**) we want you. We do. Not only do we want you, we have very practical ways of helping you. Furniture, support, a place to stay while transitioning from the Far North to North Texas. We want you. We really, really do.