I think I negated the breezy...

Nanowrimo is long over and I haven't written a single word on my book since November 30th. Now is the time to change that. I'm posting this from my phone rather than try to fight with the Internet on my computer and get distracted from the open Word document staring at me from the screen. This is go time. But first, a short request:

Some of you commented or tweeted or emailed that you'd like to be beta readers for the half finished, unedited, first draft of a Christian fiction romance novel about death and babies and lawsuits. If it still appeals to you after that descriptor, I am ready to have it read. I kind of cannot believe that I willingly typed that, but there it is.

So. If you're interested, please send an email requesting it to Elise dot M dot Seaton at gmail dot com and I will reply with a cumbersome attachment or a link to a google doc and bare my naked soul to strangers and friends on the Internet and then I will crawl into a closet and not come out until I need to catch my flight to PJs at TJ's. *ahem*

I mean, like, whatever. Ain't no big thang. I want you to read it, you know, if you REALLY want to. Just let me know. I'm breezy...

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