Obligatory New Year's Ramblings

2015. Two thousand fifteen. FIFTEEN. I don't know why that number seems so huge to me. The obvious mathematical truth is that it is exactly one more that FOURteen, and yet it feels like suddenly I'm living in the future. Like we've been taking baby steps away from the giant year of 2000 and we just took a huge running leap forward from 12.31.14 and 1.1.15. I think it might have something to do with 2015 being a year used as a "projection year" while I was in school. As in "By the year 2015, the population of Whoozitzstan is estimated to be 40 quadrillion" or "We think that 1 in 5 Herblitz will be schmelged in 2015." Or possibly I've been pushed to the brink with this crazy-making job and I've started losing it. Who can tell?

Anyway, I have some thoughts about what I'd like 2015 to be like. "Resolutions" is too strong a word. Even "goals" seems like I'm pushing it. Thoughts. Wishes? Ehhh, here's what I'd like from 2015:
  • A new job
    • Good LORD Almighty, I would love for 2015 to be the last year in a long stretch of years in which I stop wishing for a new job. I would like to get one, enjoy it, and leave the wishing for sometime around 2020. Maybe.
  • Less poundage
    • I'm not going to get into numbers or an actual plan, because that has not really panned out for me in the past. But I would like to weigh less (possibly significantly less) on this date in 2016.
  • To stand up for myself more
    • Like I put on twitter the other day, what I really wish for is that people would be kinder to me this year and I would have to do less standing up for myself. But since I can only control me, I would like to set more boundaries and stand up for myself. In the tail end of 2014, I did this a little and it felt good. There's been some fallout that has sucked, but even then I was contented in knowing that I had done all I could to take care of myself. I'd like to keep doing that.
  • To read my Bible more
    • This sounds like such a Christian cliche, but it's so necessary in my life. Like exercise, I always feel better after I do it and yet I find a lot of reasons not to. I'm doing this reading plan through my church called Join the Journey. I really want to read every entry, even if I don't get to them on the day they're intended. By this time next year, I will have read the whole Bible, which I somewhat shamefully admit I have never done before. I claim to believe it all, but I haven't read it all? Let's change that.
  • A new place to live
    • Likely as not I will be moving back in with Bean when my lease is up. My apartment has been adequate, but there are a lot of issues that management won't deal with (using heat/AC makes my entire apartment stink of cigarette smoke which makes me cough and get stuffed sinuses, but it's Texas, so I have 100 degree days and 20 degree days and kind of need to be able to regulate temperature). Plus, I just love the stuffing out of Bean & Co, so why not spend more time there if they're willing to have me? However, if I manage to find a new job that pays well enough, I'll get a new place of my own that is very near to them instead.
  • A....husband?
    • That's probably dreaming too big, but MAN it would be really nice to meet someone and fall in love and share my life with them.
So that's my navel gazing New Year's post and it's ONLY eight days into 2015. Not too shabby for someone who posted 7 times in 2014.

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    1. I really should do this... put some ideas and goals down into writing. I think you might have inspired me! :)