God is Not a White Man

I can't stop watching this music video. I find it hilarious, adorable, and challenging. It's a music video made entirely of FELT. I have your attention now, don't I? Anyway, this song pretty much sums up how I try to see God and people. I fall short sometimes, but I hope I'm getting better at this. And before you click away, thinking that this is some kind of preachy, evangelistic attempt to convert you to my way of thinking, I promise it's not. Just give it a chance. I'm pretty sure, no matter your personal beliefs, you will find this both funny and cute.

And if not, you can... I don't know... Punch me in the stomach? (John Green's preferred method of book recommendation, which works for me since none of you know where I live.) Leave a nasty comment? (I haven't really encountered any of those here, so it'll at least be something new for me.) I'll leave that up to you...

Gungor: "God is Not a White Man"

[You may have to click through on some readers. Sorry about the extra click. I hate them, too.]


  1. Nicole B Nickleby4/19/12, 3:43 PM

    It makes me think of flannelgraphs from Sunday School. In a good way.

  2. This song should be taught in every Sunday School.

  3. I think so, too. I mean, there are a lot of other parts of Christianity, but if we're not getting this ONE THING right, what the heck are we doing?

    Oh, and: I'm now seeing a three year old singing, "God does not bewong to Wepubicans..." ;)

  4. Rebeccaveronica744/24/12, 8:26 PM

    That song... IS. AWESOME. Thanks! LOVE this!