Sunday Afternoon Thoughts

The title makes it sound like it's a recurring feature or something, which is just silly, because I'm sure there hasn't been any kind of regular feature on this blog, except for NaBloPoMo. And even then, the only "regular" part of it was that I posted every day. Nothing else I wrote had any kind of theme. Or met any version of the definition of "regular" for that matter. I'm pretty sure exactly zero of you needed this explained, but I think my delete key needs a break (cover letter writing and my lack of self-confidence this week wore it out), so you're all stuck with this as an intro. Or this: I have some thoughts; they are not connected; bullets.

  • It is ridiculous how often I find myself praying that I do not get in a car accident, not because I'm afraid of injury (Although I am. See also: snow anxiety), but because I'm afraid that any extra pressure against the lap belt with cause me to lose control of my bladder. I guess Papa's rule about visiting the restroom before getting in the car did not last into adulthood.

  • It's been gorgeous out lately and the snow is rapidly disappearing, which means that everyone and their cousin is out on the bike paths. Running, jogging, biking, and walking dogs. And all of it is making me wish I had a dog. I would be so fit if I had a dog that needed long walks to work off energy.

  • If I got a dog, it would probably be some kind of lab. Chocolate (predictable, right?). And I would name it something cute and quirky with just a slight edge of irony. Like my pastor's dog. His name is Solomon and I have never met a dumber animal (and that's including my hamster named Cookie who only moved about once a week). He's all happy energy and brute strength. I always forget his name and then think, "It's a Bible name. With an S. Must be Samson." Which would be much more fitting. But less funny.

  • It'll probably snow or do something else Far Northish tomorrow and I will see those same people with those same dogs and I will be supremely grateful that I did not go to the shelter and pick out a dog today. But it sure is tempting.

  • Sometimes I wish I could take a picture of myself and then forget what I look like. Well, basically, I'd like to look at that photo and see myself as a stranger might. I wonder what things I would notice. I wonder which things I would forgive. I'm so used to the face in the mirror that sometimes I wonder if I'm missing out on some crucial information. Like someone who proofreads their own work; they know what it's supposed to say, so they don't read what it actually says or see the typos. I don't mean this in some WOE IS ME I AM SO UGLY BUT I DO NOT EVEN UNDERSTAND HOW UGLY I AM kind of way. I just mean it would be interesting. Psychologically speaking. Or is it sociologically? Anthropologically? One of those liberal arts that would have been more profitable interesting than the one I picked...

  • I used to use the phrase Bad Decision Tuesday pretty frequently. Because most of my bad choices, usually regarding food on my lunch break when I was trying to escape my awful job, seemed to happen on Tuesdays since my weekend strength only lasted that long. Then I started using it describe any bad decision, on Tuesdays or otherwise. Which was probably funny to no one but me. BUT! I just had a phrase pop into my head, something along the lines of, "This plan was brought to you by the Bad Idea Twins." And I was kind of sad that I don't have a pair of friends that I can call the Bad Idea Twins. They would probably be a lot of fun to have around. I'm not talking about friends who CHRONICALLY make ACTUAL bad decisions and you're always having to bail them out or listen to their sob stories. Those people are annoying. I mean the kind of friends who come up with ridiculous and hairbrained ideas that would push me out of my comfort zone to attempt things that will make hilarious stories for my grandchildren. Right now, all I have for them is "I wore yoga pants and ate a lot of cake." That's sure to keep them laughing...

  • Something just occurred to me: I think I have a much greater chance of having grandchildren (or, you know, CHILDREN) if I put down the cake, change out of my yoga pants, and have some crazy adventures. I might actually meet someone then... Hmmm. Food for thought. Doesn't taste quite as good as cake, though.

  • I'm a big fan of automatic updates on my laptop, because I cannot possibly be expected to track down all of the updates my computer needs. But I swear, every stupid time I open my laptop, Adobe tries to update me. And all I can think is, "Adobe, you're like a preteen on Facebook--constant updates about nothing remotely interesting. Go outside and play. I'm busy."

  • I just found this birthday card Brother gave to Sister on her last birthday (this is an example of the kind of familial love I'm always bragging about).
Cover: "I couldn't ask for a better sister."

Inside: "Well, I could--but I think Mom's too old now. Happy Birthday, anyway!" His message: "I think they call this a Double Burn. Or would it be a 2nd Degree Burn? Happy Birthday!"

  • I WARNED you that none of this was connected. So if you felt like this post was a waste of your time, you really only have yourself to blame.


  1. seeing yourself as a stranger would is interesting. you have curious about myself now.

  2. APrinceAndProzac4/16/12, 9:35 AM

    I second the Adobe complaint, I love the birthday card and I too am struggling with deep want for a dog in my life. I feel your pain, yo.

  3. Right? I think we're simultaneously MORE critical and LESS observant when it comes to ourselves. So I think it would be VERY interesting to see what others see. Not that we'll ever actually know, but still...

  4. I figured it wasn't just me. BUT! It's chilly and overcast today and I am indeed glad I didn't go get a dog. Like always.

  5. I love this kind of post. (Mostly because I tend to be this random a good majority of the time.) I totally agree about your photo vs. mirror comment. I know for a fact that I am more critical of myself than I should be. I was at an office where a woman was taking candid photos today and all I could think was "I'm probably going to look like an idiot in all of these...why does everyone else look normal?"

  6. Exactly! And yet I think we also gloss over the things that other people might notice about us right away. Not necessarily bad or good things, but things we've seen all our lives so we don't think about them. And I just wonder what it would be for me.

  7. I got to see you as a stranger. Because while I knew you, I had NO IDEA what you would look like. I mean, I had ideas, but they were pretty vague like, "I think she has brown hair" which is fairly useless in terms of knowing what a person looks like.

    Also, I have some friends who are like the Bad Decision Twins. They once drove to Iowa with a pancake named Steve. (Granted, they were in Lincoln, NE at the time, so it was only like a 90 minute trip, but still!)

    I would gladly help you have adventures if I could figure out a way to do that from afar.

  8. Maybe you DO need more adventure in your life...so come visit me in Texas. Good, it's settled then!

    Oh and getting a dog because you think it would make you walk more and be fit? It just pulls on the damn leash and makes me frustrated, so I just let her out in the yard and then take her to the dog park. There ARE people who walk around the track at the dog park, but I am the person that brings a book and sits on the bench instead.