Follow Through: A Mile Stone

As you can see (if you're not reading this in a reader), I have completed my blog "redesign." Which sounds a lot more professional than, "I clicked a new Blogger template, picked a font, and made everything varying shades of red and black." Which is exactly what I did. Anyway, let me know if there's something you don't like or something that's not working.

And then hold on tight, because I might just blog sometime this month... I know, slow down, right?

OH! I joined Doing My Best's Crappy Day Present Exchange, so I'll need to post a "getting to know me" for whoever drew my name. I'll try to get to that tomorrow, before it's too late to be helpful. And then I'll get on to shopping for MY person--I'm excited to get to know this person a little better.

So. Let me know if anything is funky. And stick around just a little bit longer--I promise I'm on my way back.


  1. It looks very...like professional. I like it. I'm not used to it, but I like it.