Yoga Pants Will Be My Downfall (Into Poverty, At Least)

I cannot believe January is almost over. Most days, it feels like I quit my job a few days ago. But, alas. Today marks FOUR MONTHS. And I do not have another one. After all the interviews right after I quit, there has been nothing. To be honest, though? I haven't been looking that hard. I know, shame on me. But every time I look, there is nothing that I am qualified for that will pay enough. I'm not looking to live like Kanye or anything, either. I would just like to be able to pay all my bills each month and buy pizza occasionally. So I get a little bit discouraged. I keep reminding myself to trust that the right job will come along eventually, but I'm kidding myself if I think it's going to jump out of my unopened Internet browser window, through my closed laptop, and smack me in the face saying "WE WANT TO HIRE YOU!"

But that would be awesome, right?

Now that Sister is back at work, my day basically consists of a lot of TV and Sims 3, along with sleeping late, getting the SICKNESS OF DEATH AND PHLEGM, and going to doctor appointments with friends. I'm not kidding: I went to Godson's Mom's ultrasound a few weeks back and today I'm driving into the next town over with another friend to wrangle her children while she talks to the doctor about an out-patient procedure I have no idea about. It's a little strange, right? I'm fully expecting to start getting Evites to colonoscopies and tonsillectomies. Maybe there's a job in this? Professional Child Wrangler and Medical Appointment Support Technologist... Has a nice ring to it. But I bet the pay isn't much and the insurance is crap...

And speaking of insurance: I have been sick for a week. It's that upper-respiratory, post-nasal drippy kind of thing where you think you will drown every time you try to sleep. And the whole time, I'm praying that it will not develop into anything more serious because I HAVE NO MONEY. Okay, I have some money. But I'm trying to use that to eat, not pay for incredibly expensive medical care. And then I get a twinge in my ear and I think, "Don't be an ear infection, please don't be an ear infection. I cannot cure an ear infection with NyQuil and tea. Please don't be an ear infection!" And then my ear stops twinging and says, "PSYCH!" And I want to weep a little. But then I remind myself that would not make my sinuses feel better.

It doesn't help that I have been watching copious amounts of Grey's Anatomy in all of my spare time, which is also copious. So now my ear twinges and I'm like, "Please don't be an ear infection! Or a brain tumor! Please don't be a brain tumor. Although, if Dr. Derek Shepherd were my brain surgeon... No, not even that is worth a brain tumor. Please don't be a brain tumor. Or an ear infection..." When my throat was all swollen last week, I thought cancer or some kind of infectious, auto-immune thing, not "common cold." (I was also watching a lot of House that week...) I should probably just turn off the TV and go get a job. But I really like my yoga pants.

Anyway, at this point, I am almost over it. I'm not achy or exhausted anymore. In fact, yesterday, I did two loads of laundry and most of the dishes. I'm like a SUPERHERO or something, right? (Yeah, no...) But I've still got that feeling of having Silly Putty hanging down the back of my throat that is involved in some kind of Whack-A-Mole challenge with my windpipe. Too much information? Sorry. I get honest when I'm sick.

ANYWAY! I'm not sure why I'm telling you all the gruesome details of my sickness. I know it's not very entertaining. Unless you're the kind of person who enjoys laughing at other people's pain. And then I'm not sure I want to be your friend. Which leaves me in a strange conundrum of my own making, I guess.

But the thing is? I'm going to PJs@TJ's in two weeks. And we are all trying to get to know one another through blogs and twitter before we all arrive. And as soon as I decided to go, I promptly stopped blogging, reading blogs, or checking twitter. Because that's logical. So I'm trying to get back in the pattern so they don't accuse me of FAKING being a blogger just to get invited to TJ's house. I am a blogger, I PROMISE! I just kind of suck at it. Also, anyone reading this who is also going to PJs@TJ's, could you please forget that I just gave way too many details about my bodily functions and just appreciate the fact that I'm blogging? Pretty please? Thanks.


  1. I just left my job a week ago and got sick immediately afterwards. Maybe it's the lack of being busy. I don't know, but I have had plenty of time to play on the internet.

  2. I'm afraid I'm coming down with it now. But you know that. Because I texted you. So really, this just serves to make you excited that you have another comment. Or something.

    Also, I really wish I could go to PJs@TJ's as well. But, you know, JOB. I am grateful for the income, and excited for the work. But let's face it. This job is seriously cutting in to my laying around time.

  3. No no. Too many details about your bodily functions is what happened to my (male) friend the other day at work:

    Female Coworker: It's Shark Week.
    Male Friend: Isn't that in April?
    Female Coworker: No no, Shark Week is what my roommates and I call it when we all get our periods at the same time. Because there's a lot of blood and we all want to rip everybody's face off.

    So, you know, your sinuses are nothing compared to THAT.

  4. Jesabes Blog1/26/12, 6:22 PM

    Sorry, you're out :-P

  5. Strangely, I find that I played much more on the Internet when I had a job. This phenomenon probably can be explained by the fact that my Internet connection at home is spotty at best and downright OBSTINATELY ABSENT most days.

    By the way, I have no idea if you left your job willingly or not, but I say, "Congratulations!" If you left it willingly, the reason's obvious. If you didn't, it means that it was not the right job for you and you will be better off somewhere else. So, congratulations! Unless you were stealing or something and then... Well, congratulations on fleeing temptation? I'm going to stop talking now. Thank you for reading my blog? Yes. That.

  6. I love that you feed my addiction to comments. But I do NOT love that you are sick. That is very boo. The booiest, if you will.

    But your job? It is seriously cutting into MY laying around time. I did the DISHES yesterday. If you had been home, I never would have left the papasan... So when you eat something tonight off of a clean dish, just know: THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!

  7. GAH! That's horrific! And yet amusing, in that Car Crash Phenomenon kind of way. I mean, not that I LAUGH at car crashes or anything. I mean... You know what I mean, right? Like when you pass a car crash and cannot NOT look? That conversation is like a joke that you don't WANT to be amused by, but you just kind of ARE. You get it, right?

    ...I'm going to go over to that corner now and talk to my imaginary friend...

  8. NO!!! I promise I'll shape up. I won't talk about my body at ALL and I'll blog more. I swear! I'll blog every day if I have to. Just please, let me back in!!! I'll bring chocolate...