Weigh-In: Week 2

I went to my meeting this morning. Here are my stats:

Original Weight: 312.0 lbs
Today's Weight: 309.2 lbs
Week's Loss: -2.8 lbs
Total Loss: -2.8 lbs

This was a pretty good week. I managed to rack up 17 activity points with my walks and I only went over my daily allowance once this week (last night, I went to Sonic for popcorn chicken and it was SO worth it) and only by about three. On the original plan, I couldn't eat my weekly allowance at all if I wanted to lose weight and I could only use about half my activity points. On this new plan, I think I have a little more freedom, but I'm still not sure the extent of it.

As for the blister [No one cares. Stop talking about your ailments on the Internet.], I looked for the blister Bandaids some of you recommended and then cheaped out by buying the off brand. Which I didn't realize were to small to cover the blister until I got them home. So. Either the cheap version is too small or my blister is just huge [It is. They still don't care, Elise.], but I bought some gauze and medical tape just in case and I'm so glad I did. It seems like a little bit of an over reaction to tape a 2X2 inch square of gauze with about three feet of tape, but it's staying put and it doesn't hurt, so what do I care? [You don't. And neither do they. MOVE ON.]

Anyway, I'm pretty excited about my progress this week. It's only one week, but it's a good start. I've also made some small changes in my routines and environment to help me. First of all, I changed my screensaver to pictures of me from my weight loss "journey" (dear God, do I hate that term, but I can't think of a better way to phrase it) for inspiration. I hate when women put up pictures form magazines, because a) those women in the photos won the genetic lottery that you and I probably did not come out ahead in, b) they're basically computer-generated animations at this point anyway, and c) they're NOT YOU and they don't live your life or have your challenges. Ahem. When did this soapbox sneak under my feet? Sorry, stepping off now. My point is that these photos of me are all at a weight I can and HAVE attained (and relatively recently, too), so they're pretty helpful in reminding me why I'm working so hard.

I've also been trying really hard to eat at regular intervals that some might call meal times (novel concept!) instead of eating a ton and then starving for seven or eight hours. So that's helped. I bought more produce the last time I shopped and I'm reminding myself to eat it before it goes bad and OH HEY I like these foods so that's a side benefit.

Well, that's all I've really got to say about that. I've gotta go babysit for an Internet friend now (it's still really weird to me that this is my life and the Internet is here, in person, all the time). How are YOU guys doing with your weight loss, healthier habits, WeightWatching, etc? What's working for you? Have any triumphs to share? I'd love to hear about them.

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  1. Hooray for a good week! I always like when my weeks go good.
    I am down 2.5 this week so it was a good week for me too.

    I am currently working on balancing out my middle of the day food. I have the problem of either eating 'enough' to fill me at the time, but it is really not enough because I hit dinner and want to eat all the things. When I try and adjust I eat enough to keep me from being starving come dinner, but it is actually too much in the sense that I don't have enough points/free calories to actually eat a healthy and satisfying dinner. I have to find a filling low to no point/calorie addition to my almost enough lunches to make dinner work for me.

    And yes I am tracking calories along with my points. I discovered the first time through that I could meet my point goal and still eat way more calories than I should be eating and was therefore not losing any weight. It is a little more work, but not too bad and the results are good thus far.

    Keep up the good work.