Weigh-In: Week 4 (with an Interview Update)

I went for a long walk after my meeting today and I wore myself out. I also gave myself another blister, so I guess I''ll be buying new shoes soon. Over all, it was a good week. I ate ice cream a few times (Safeway has an Oatmeal Cookie flavor that is delightful and only 8 points for a cup) and I think I had pizza again (it's all starting to run together), so I'm not feeling deprived at all. Most days, I did better at budgeting my points throughout the day so I didn't end up gobbling 23 points right before bed. Except for last night, but some oreos and ice cream cleared that problem right up.

Anyway, the stats:
Original Weight: 312.0 lbs
Today's Weight: 304.6 lbs
Week's Loss: -2.8 lbs
Total Loss: -7.4 lbs
I am REALLY excited about this progress. It seems unlikely that I'll keep up this pace over the long run (and it probably wouldn't be healthy if I did), but I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth. Plus, I got my first 5 pound sticker! Last time around, I lived for the stickers. This time is no different. I apparently do really well with token reward systems. 

The sunshine and the balanced daylight here are really helping me out. I think I may have some kind of biological hibernation response in Far North that makes it really difficult to lose weight. Or, that could just be a cop out. Who knows? What I do know for sure is that most produce is so much cheaper here and the quality is much better. I'm eating avocados! And asparagus! And strawberries! And all sorts of other things. My only complaint is that I have yet to find a really good apple selection. My favorites are Cameos and I think they're pretty rare in the first place, but none of the stores I've gone to have had a decent selection of any kind of apple. This is not the end of the world, by any means, but I do miss my apples.

*   *   *   *   *

On Monday, I posted about my up-coming interview. And just like with any mother who posts about something her baby is doing only to have him or her stop doing it the second she hits publish, everything changed rather quickly. Tuesday morning, I got a call from a different organization that I applied with and they want to interview me on Thursday. I'm pretty excited about this position, too, so I'm happy to have more than one option if they both offer me a job (that sounded...optimistic; how unlike me).

After the conversation with the woman, I hung up the phone and danced into the living room to tell Bean. And being the tempter of fate that I am, I tweeted this: 

As most of you are probably aware, the same storm system that devastated Moore, Oklahoma has been working its way across northern Texas, including the DFW area. We were under tornado watches both Monday and Tuesday. Soon after I tweeted that, the watch was changed to a Severe Weather warning. I was not wild about the idea of driving across unfamiliar interstates in severe weather or with the chance of a tornado, but I didn't exactly think I could cancel or reschedule the interview, either. I figured most people in the area are used to this kind of activity in the spring and summer and I was being a baby. So I located my big girl panties once more and set out. Just as the thunderstorm started. 

I have never driven in rain like that. I'm pretty sure it's not all that unusual for the area, but Far North doesn't really get deluges like that. It just sprinkles for months on end. Or it's too cold and we have snowstorms, which are bad don't get me wrong, but are not the same. Anyway, I fought through the worst of the storm on the turnpike and was making decent time, since I'd left early. The rain finally petered off and traffic started moving faster and my hands unclenched from the steering wheel. Five miles to go! I consoled myself. Only two exits now! You can do this!

And then my phone rang. 

They were cancelling the interview. Apparently, the organization has a policy to shut down in these types of weather situations. Which is fine! I completely understand! I didn't want to be on the roads either! Everyone stay home where it's safe and warm and dry! BUT. Seriously? The warning had been in effect for hours. They couldn't have called me earlier in the day? The interview was in less than a half hour. Unless I lived RIGHT NEXT DOOR to their offices, there's no way I hadn't left yet. I lied and told her I hadn't gotten very far and it was perfectly alright and of course I'd be happy to reschedule. Because that's what you do when you're desperate for a job a polite human being. 

I just now got an email form her with the rescheduled time. So. For anyone keeping score at home, I will make the THIRD trip out there at 8:00 am on Friday to have what is technically a FIRST interview. The other organization's interview is on Thursday at 11:00 am. If you're the praying type, I'd appreciate one or two on my behalf. It would be amazing if either one of these turned into an actual job for me. Because, seriously? PIG'S BLOOD!


  1. All my fingers are crossed for you. I think driving through a deluge is grounds for at least a 2nd interview.

    I've seen some lovely cameo apples at Sprouts (granted, I don't have much basis for comparison, but I found them yummy). I think there's a store in your neck of the woods, but if not, you can come visit me across town & I'll take you to the one by me.

    1. Ooooh! Sprouts! I didn't even think of them. I'll have to go on an adventure. Thanks!

  2. Great progress! And you'll have lots of apple choices in a few months, this just isn't apple season.

    1. I figured as much. In Far North, nothing is ever in season (except for maybe carrots and potatoes), so we get all kinds of things that have been sitting in warehouses. We always have apples, which when I think about it, is kind of weird and unnatural.

  3. Your progress doing much better than mine this week. I was really good last week and caught a stomach virus and I only went down .5 pounds. How does that even work? I couldn't keep anything down for two days while at faire and I lost almost nothing. *grumble*
    This week will be bad because it is my birthday week and the last week before faire and so eating habits have sort of gone out the window. I may actually eat my way through this next weekend. You should really be issued extra birthday points for all the cake.

    I would try Sprout or Whole Foods if you actually want good apples. Apples are a little harder to come by in Texas in general, but they are normally your best bet what with being fancy organic foodie stores. I find in general in the regular old grocery store that if there are any honey crisp left at this point in the season that they are small but still rather tasty. I also like Jazz apples if you haven't tried them. My apple snob friend from Wisconsin approves of them so that has to say something right? But if you like peaches wait about two weeks and there will be giant fresh peaches everywhere for your enjoyment. Ohh you should totally go to the farmers market down town. Produce of joy!

    Also while we are used to this weather, you were right we mostly don't drive in it. They totally should have called you earlier. Still they rescheduled and that is good. I will send you all the good energy I have today and tomorrow.

    1. I have a philosophy about what I call "Feast Days." My birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are all allowable free days. Other people's birthdays (because that could be practically EVERY day if you have a lot of friends/coworkers/family members) and other holidays my family doesn't celebrate as...calorically don't count. And I try my hardest just to make it the DAY, not the week surrounding.

      Basically, I try to ask myself with all food choices, "Is this something I could have on another day when the points allow it? Am I NEVER going to have an opportunity to eat this again?" Most of the time, the answer is obviously, "I can wait and have this later." But when something only happens once a year, I allow it.

      All of that is my long-winded way of saying, "Have some grace for yourself on your birthday!" And the end of Faire is TOUGH, so just know that no matter how you eat that week, it will end and you WILL get back to being good. It's just one week.