Weigh-In: Week 3

Quick recap of the week: I got sick on Friday, was still dealing with blister-fallout, and it got hotter here for a few days. So I didn't really move much at all. On Sunday, I went out to Faire with Bean and Baby, but we didn't do much walking or Faire-ing and the baby and I went home early. I think the most I moved this week was when I was a half hour late to The Porch last night (I forgot it was Tuesday for a little while; shut up) and had to park in another county and make the epic journey into the church (there were elves and dwarves and a parking garage). It's my own fault for apparently never learning the days of the week, but it was FAR. Anyway, that's not my best work.

Also, I ate pizza for five meals this week. I tracked it and I didn't go over my points at all, so it's not like it's a big deal. But it's not the healthiest of choices and I really should get some variety. But it's fast, cheap, easy, and DEE-licious. But enough about what I ate, because I am bored even typing this paragraph, so sorry for those of you who had to read it.

None of this seemed to matter much at weigh-in time anyway. The stats:
Original Weight: 312.0 lbs
Today's Weight: 307.4 lbs
Week's Loss: -1.8 lbs
Total Loss: -4.6 lbs
I'm basically on track for the loss rate I want, but two data points does not a trend make. I spent some time this morning putting all of my goal dates into my calendar as a visual reminder. I don't know if this will make me crazy and hypercritical of myself if I don't meet them in time or if it will be the good reminder I intend. For now, the act of putting them IN renewed my focus, so there's that.

Anyway, that's enough about me and my weight loss. I've been talking about my body a lot lately, what with make-up and weight loss, and boobs. Sorry about that. Apparently, that's what's on my mind right now (oh, except I keep having this idea to do a Pet Peeves post when something really ticks me off, but the next time  get annoyed, I can't remember what the last thing was, so it'll either be a very short post or I need to start making a list).

So how's it going for you? Any victories? Need some support? Want to talk about something else entirely? I'm game.


  1. Hooray for on track. I had another good week myself, down 2 again. I am happy since I absolutely went crazy on fried chicken on Saturday night eating way more than I should. Of course I did walk everywhere on Saturday so that apparently made up for it.

    I am hitting the point where I want to eat all the things, especially if they are bad for me. Pizza? Sure. A greasy burger and enough fries to choke a horse? Yes please. Ice cream by the gallon? Ohhh yea.

    I am winning out over the cravings thus far, but I forsee a fallout in my near future that I will regret. Being good is hard.

    1. Being good is SO hard. But you are AWESOME. And there is no food mistake that can't be undone. Contrary to popular belief, there are PLENTY of things that taste better than skinny feels. Don't be too hard on yourself if you need a free day once in a while.