Day One

So, I've started a blog. And I don't quite know what I'm doing or even why I'm doing it. My best explanation is that I've called myself a writer for almost ten years, but I don't have a lot written down to show for it. So I guess I should probably start writing.

A few things about me:

Thing the First: Elise M. Seaton is not my real name.  It is a penname derived from part of my given name and parts of the names of people I admire. I created it ages ago to use if I ever wrote a novel. But it's become a blogging name instead. Since no one uses a pen to write a blog, I'm going to call it a keyboardname. See Thing the Second to find out why I need one.

Thing the Second: I work in an industry where blogging about my job might quickly end my career. So, even though it's something I could blog about with passion and humor, I'm not going to talk about it at all. What can I say? I like having a paycheck. And I'm using a keyboardname to avoid even the appearance of crossover between my job and my personal life.

Thing the Third: My interests are diverse and strange when taken in combination. I have no idea if this blog will display any kind of cohesive thought process (I'm kidding myself if I think that applies only to my blog). There is no real over-riding theme, except my life and my experiences. And now that I look at what I just wrote, I wonder if I'll ever have any readers...

Thing the Fourth: I have odd talents. Like I can write with my toes. The letters are large and messy, but if I were ever in a situation where my hands were tied and I needed help (and that help could be attained by writing a letter...), I could probably get myself out of it. Or maybe not. I can also recite all the presidents forwards and backwards with their first names in under three minutes. Which comes in useful far more often than the toe-writing thing, strangely enough.

Thing the Fifth: I own six or seven barely filled journals, which stands as evidence of my complete lack of follow-through in all things, especially writing. But I figure if I have even an inkling that someone is waiting for me to write, I might actually do it. I guess you could call this a self-improvement project.

Thing the Sixth: I’m incredibly hungry, so I’m going to have lunch with my best friend and my godson at the BEST sandwich shop in the world! Have you gone to lunch with your favorite two-year-old lately? I highly recommend it.

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