I Haven't Died; Here's My Roommate

I could offer all kinds of excuses about why I suddenly fell off the map for the lat few weeks (they might include extreme laziness, crappy Internet, TV on DVD, lack of things to day, or a combination of all four), but I think we all recognize that the reason doesn't really matter. But I am back. I promise! I think. As long as the Internet service holds. And I don't get sucked into another episode of LOST. Or Psych. Or The Office. Or Castle. No, DANG IT! I'm back. That is all. Forget the rest, will you? Moving on.

Since I'm so out of bloggy practice, I thought I would take this opportunity to use someone else's words as a cop out introduce you to a friend of mine. You've heard me talk about Roommate, right? I've done it occasionally... Okay, she has her own label. But that's only because she's so awesome.

Well, Roommate has started her own blog, where she uses her real name (GASP!) and talks about family and soccer and life in general. She calls it Cleats and Flip Flops. I think it's a brilliantly clever title. And it's not because I'm biased or anything... Anyway, Roommate was catching up on this here blog the other day and sent me her answers to my ridiculous survey. I thought her answers were funny and interesting and--

Hold on, I'm eating really crappy cereal and it's getting in the way of my typing. Just give me a sec... Okay, I'm back. Blech. That as not really what I needed. But now I have a cup of coffee, so things are looking up. Wait, where was I? Ah, yes. Roommate.

As I read Roommate's answers, I realized it sounded a lot like a get-to-know-you interview. And what better way to introduce you to my bestest friend in the whole wide world than to use her own words against her?

Okay, so I asked permission before I posted this. But it's more fun to think about it the other way. Anyway, without further ado... 


1. Are you married or single? Or even trying to be married or trying to be single?
Single but trying to be married…kind of…
2. Do you have children? If not, are you planning to? If yes, how many do you have and do you ever want to give one or more of them away? (I may or may not be in the market)
No children yet…planning on having them some day…not planning on giving any of them away…unless they prove to just be too annoying
3. What is your favorite day of the week?
My favorite day of the week is Friday because I have a chance to feel productive. There is a shared it’s-almost-the-weekend mood in the office and Fridays hold all the promise and opportunity of the upcoming Saturday and Sunday.

4. Tell me one obscure thing about you--something that makes you unique or special or different or weird.
I am freakishly obsessed with soccer. But you knew this already.

5. If you could change one small thing abut the world, what is it and why? Not like "world peace" or anything. More like "I wish every body always brushed their teeth" or "I would eliminate all dryer lint."
In addition to a test to get your driver’s license, there should be a test to prove that one is not stupid. This will be a practical test, not a written test on which you can cheat. Topics covered will include but are not limited to: when not to ride your bike into oncoming traffic (an actual event will be put in place where one will have to make this decision under pressure) and when to cross the crosswalk of a major expressway against the signal at 10 o’clock at night wearing all black clothing (again, non-stupidity under pressure will be tested)
6. Who is your favorite blogger? (I'm not fishing for compliments here, I'm looking for new material and/or getting to know your taste) Also, do you blog and am I reading you? Because I should be.
YOU are my favorite blogger! Don’t take this the wrong way, but you are the only blog I read besides sports blogs…
7. Tell me your BEST childhood memory. OR? Tell me your EARLIEST childhood memory. Or both.
Best and earliest childhood memories are two VERY different things. My earliest memory is on my 3rd birthday where I apparently ate too much cake and threw up all over my entryway hall (luckily it was tile and not carpet!) 

I had a very good childhood so I will choose from a veritable bank of good memories. My “BEST” childhood memory would be when my mom would give me a bath and shampoo my hair and shape it into a cone on my head! My hair was very long.

8. Do you tweet? Do I follow you? Do you follow me?
Yes. I think so and I think so.

 9. What do you value most? This is vague on purpose.
Playing really well in a really good soccer game.

10. When you fold your hands, which thumb is closest to you, left or right?
My right. Does that have some kind of secret meaning? For example, am I going to die earlier than those who have their left thumb closest?

* * * * * *

My questions to you (whenever you feel like it, add your reasoning behind your answers)
Question the first: out of the states that you have yet to visit, which is your favorite?
Question the second: what is your favorite spot in the entire world?
Question the third: Coke or Pepsi?
Question the fourth: What is your single favorite memory from college?
Question the fifth: What is your favorite flower?
Question the sixth: orange or black?
Question the seventh: give me your best explanation as to why the sun is yellow (your answer is encouraged to not be scientifically sound)
Question the eighth: what is once place outside of the United States that you have never been that you would like to visit for three months?
Question the ninth: who decided the order of numbers?
Question the tenth: was that person brilliant or just finding a way to ease his or her OCD?

Tune in next time when I attempt to answer all of Roommate's questions. Oh, and totally go visit her blog. She's pretty awesome and your life would be better for it. Promise.

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