According to my handy-dandy self-imposed Calendar of Things About Which to Jabber, today I am supposed to tell you about my dream house. Past Me is very smart, because she knew that I would be deep into apartment hunting by this time and that what I would REALLY need to focus on are the things I want but cannot afford right now. Huh. Past Me is kind of a jerk. But, since neither Present Me nor More Recently Past Me has not come up with anything better for today's post, I'm diving right in.

So, starting with location: I think my dream house would be near water. The ocean scares me a little with it's occasional habit of hurricaning and tsunamiimg, so a small lake or a creek is probably best. This house would also probably be somewhere with visible mountains and lost of trees and wide-open space. This is sounding more and more like Far north, but I don't think it has to be.

Probably, the most important things are light, air, space, and gathering places. I'm thinking tons and tons of windows. Floor to ceiling windows, wrapping all around my house. Natural light everywhere! And tall ceilings, at least ten feet, but higher is better. At least one main gathering room (like the living room or family room or something) should have vaulted ceilings with windows all the way up, so that I can survey my kingdom the water and mountains and nature.

I want a giant kitchen that allows me to cook and bake and socialize with people while I do all those things (I have grand illusions that I'm not an introvert and will have amazingly giant, yet surprisingly intimate parties. Riiiight...). Ooooh, and a giant pantry! I love to stockpile dry goods--a product of growing up somewhere with a constant threat of blizzards stranding you for days. I want a semi-open floor plan so that you can move easily form room to room, but I won't feel like my dirty dishes are constantly on display. I don't care about a dining room (versus a kitchen table eating area), although I think it might be necessary if I'm having grand parties all the time, but I would like a little breakfast nook or something where I can sip coffee early in the morning and get some quiet time.

I'd like hardwood floors (or laminate, I'm not that fancy) with rugs every where. And  maybe some rooms with big stone tiles. I don't care about fireplaces here in Texas, but they're nice in cooler climates as long as they don't overpower the room with half a wall of brick or stone. I like dark wood on kitchen cabinets and light colored stone counters (probably the same for bathrooms, too). I love crown molding and even like the look of chair rails when they're done well (but no wood paneling as a wall covering. no. stoppit), but all the accent wood should be a glossy white--doors, door/window frames, baseboards, etc. Oh, and arches! I love the look of tall, arched, open doorways.

I want several bedrooms so that I can open my home to foster kids or exchange students or travelling friends and family without feeling cramped. In my bedroom, I'd like enough space for a sitting area, a walk-in closet (not too big, because I don't really have that many clothes, but more than just a hole in the wall with a sliding door in front of it), and a master bathroom with a soaker tub AND a separate shower.

I would love a cozy little office with lots of windows and bookshelves and a good desk chair where I can write in comfort, without distraction. And maybe a comfy sofa or chair for brainstorming when I need a change of pace. OH! And a library. A giant, Beauty-and-the-Beast style library with tons light and bookshelves and ladders to get to MORE bookshelves and maybe multiple stories of book space and little nooks with overstuffed chairs and hidey-holes for reading in secret. That sounds really extravagant and maybe a little selfish (once I read the books once or twice, they just sit there, not being read by anyone), but if I'm dreaming, I'm going to be honest. Maybe I'd encourage everyone I know to come check out books like a real library. Total honor system--just write down what you took and bring it back when you're done. That might alleviate some of my guilt.

Let's see, what else? I've always wanted an attic. Homes in Far North don't really have basements (unless you count the daylight basements, which we didn't) because of the permafrost and most are too modern to have attics. But I've always loved the idea of sneaking away into the quietness of the rafters to look through old photographs or read a book without interruption. And having an actual basement for a playroom / rec room/ TV area with a cushion pit sounds awesome. I'd love to have tons of space for kids--to be the house where my kids and their friends want to hang out because it's safe and loving and fun and welcoming.

I also dream of a big yard with a huge table and twinkly lights strung overhead (definitely not in Far North now) and maybe a grilling pit or something. There would be a big flat green lawn, but there'd also be a good amount of woods for the kids to play in. And a TREE HOUSE! I always wanted one and our trees were too wimpy to bear the weight safely. And a wrap-around porch! With rocking chairs! And a PORCH SWING! AND A HAMMOCK!

I just had to step away and calm down a bit. Sorry about the capslock and the exclamation points. Thisisn'trealthisisn'trealthisisn'treal.

Anyway, I guess if I could sum up (I do this a lot when I talk too much. As if adding more of the SAME words at the end of a lot of words will help people forget about ALL THE WORDS), I want a place where people can gather and that I can use generously to provide hospitality and help. I also want a place that has a lot of natural elements--light, air, water-- with lots of open space. And then I want to add on cozy little nooks where I can get my introvert on. That's my dream home. What's yours?


  1. Your dream house sounds lovely. From what you have described I see you somewhere in Colorado, but that is just me.

    My dream house would be a large house that could somehow harmoniously blend Victorian mansions like the one in Practical Magic, Spanish villas, and English manor houses. I don't even know how that works, but in my head it does. It would have sprawling libraries, a huge sewing studio with lots of natural light, a kitchen that while being modern and almost industrial would have the look and feel of something rustic and old world with lots of natural dark woods and have a reclaimed look to it. I would have a dining room big enough to host huge dinner parties. A comfy living area where everyone could have there own comfy spot to curl up and watch tv and movies or just read. It would have an office where I could write in peace and an office for the husbeast to go work. It would have plenty of bedrooms for kids and guests and enough bathrooms to go around. The master would have a giant shower with those rain fall multiple shower heads, and a bathtub that could probably fit three people in it. There would also be a giant garage for the husbeast to have cars and work on classic cars, a woodshop for us to build stuff, a greenhouse and gardens so I can grow things, and enough land that I can put a barn on it and have a couple of horses. Oh and a swimming pool. Yea...that covers all the high points I think.

  2. I thought about having a barn and horses. I would love that, but only if someone else would do most of the work. Which, I guess I AM dreaming here, but that seems unrealistic even for this kind of fantasy. So I'll just come visit your horses.

  3. Oh, this is definitely something I have been dreaming about lately as well! I even made a mini-list at the bottom of my list of life goals so that during my imaginary house hunt I wouldn't get carried away and buy something that wouldn't work for me. Also, I have been watching old episodes of House Hunters on Hulu and people always find issue with the weirdest things. I want to stay in (or near) my Chicago neighborhood or find one equally vibrant, but I also want a quiet street. There are all these short streets near my current apartment that go for one or two blocks and then stop but pick up another block or two later. I like the idea that people would only be driving on my street when coming to see someone that lives there. I would like a condo in a small building (no more than 3 stories tall) so that I could get to know all of my neighbors and to have a balcony to put out a grill and a couple of chairs. Inside I would absolutely love a kitchen with a dishwasher! Or at least room for a dishwasher. I don't mind a place that needs updating because my HGTV watching has made me feel like an expert (even though my only experience is really with paint). But the biggest things are that there need to be plenty of windows, room for a big dining table and space for all of my books. I think I am one of the few people that prefers a small, cozy bedroom and instead would like to put any square footage not needed for my bed into my entertaining area. But too much space makes me nervous because I do not like to clean!

    1. That sounds pretty great! Some days, I wonder if I wouldn't love a teeny-tiny home in the middle of the city or something like what you've describes. Being able to step out my door into a vibrant neighborhood and walk to restaurants? That does sound awesome. But I think I need space more than I need activity. Funny thing, I didn't really think about how I was going to clean the enormous house described above. I guess if I'm rich enough for the house, I can afford a maid? Ha! I don't think I'll have to worry about either of those things any time soon.

      I have these epic fantasies about buying a fixer-upper and doing all the repairs myself on the weekends, because I watched HGTV one summer and so now I KNOW everything there is to know about home repair. Oh, wait... It's a nice dream to have. though. Maybe I'll learn to be handy some day.