New Habit

In an effort to be better at posting more often, I've made a calendar of things to post. And today, I'm supposed to post about a new habit I want to form. Which sounded really interesting when I wrote it a month ago. It's less so now when I have to write it and I have not really given much thought to WHICH new habit I want to form. Planning, I'm good at it. 

In light of my post earlier today (which we're all still pretending I posted yesterday, right? good), the new habit I would like to form is getting up in the morning to walk before work. I need to cancel my gym membership because a) money, b) it's cooler out, so I don't need to workout indoors anymore, c) money, d) I wasn't actually going anyway, and e) MONEY. But I still need to move more. 

Since I work ten-hour days, it's unlikely that I'm going to go after work when I'm tired and just want dinner. And I don't leave the office at lunch (my boss frowns on that), so it seems the only other time is BEFORE work. Which requires a few more new habits to make it feasible. So, new habits to form throughout the next month:

1. Go to bed at a reasonable hour, because it will make number two much easier. 
2. Get up with enough time to walk, shower, get ready, and be to work by 8:00 am. 
3. Actually, you know, GET UP and WALK. 

Since it's dark at that hour of morning these days, I'm going to take Bean's dog with me, both for safety and company. I think it will be good for him, too. He loves going for walks (if you even touch his harness or leash, he flips out) and I think it will help Bean during the day if he's a little more worn out. Not that he's a handful--he's the sweetest dog I've ever met--but he might be a little less desperate to go in and out of the house fifty million times a day if he gets a nice long walk in the morning. Who knows? I could be completely making this up. 

So. That's my new habit, with adjacent habits. Better sleep hours, more movement, and quality time with the puppy. We'll see if I actually make this happen. Pester me, will you? It makes it harder for me to slack if I know someone could ask at any moment. Anyone else working on something like this? Want to crowd-source some self-improvement motivation? Tell me your plans for new habits, and I'll try to remember to pester you, too. 


  1. Sounds like a great new habit! I've been AWFUL about going to the gym lately. I'm lucky if I make it to Monday morning yoga class. Other than that? Nada. (But my membership is paid through the end of the year sooooo.)

    1. I think if I signed up for a class, I would definitely go. Which is probably why I haven't signed up. ;)

  2. I am just managing to get two or three treadmill walks a week. I need to get on that treadmill at least five times a week, and I need to start putting some strength training into the mix as well. Also, I need to make the habit of stopping to ask if I'm really, truly hungry before I eat something, and to ask if I'm still hungry while eating something. I have a tendency to clean my plate even if I'm full. :(
    I think taking the dog for extra walks is a great plan. And there's something really nice about working out early in the morning--it's peaceful, quiet, and you don't have a workout hanging over your head all day. It's done.

    1. Ooooh, asking if I'm really hungry is a tough one. I've been able to ask, "Is this worth the points? Do I have enough points left for the day?" but I struggle with the difference between hungry and thirsty or hungry and tired or hungry and bored. I apparently try to meet ALL my needs with food. Those all sound like excellent habits! Go go go!