Weigh In: Week Who The Hell Knows Anymore?

Can we pretend that I posted this yesterday, so that I haven't ALREADY failed NaBloPoMo? Failing before you start is one of the saddest things I think you can do. So let's all have some selective amenisia and pretend that I am a responsible and non-forgetful blogger. Thanks, you guys are the best!

I haven't posted in a while about my weigh ins. Some of that is because I am incredibly forgetful, but mostly it's because I've been struggling and I haven't had a lot of good news to share. I'm still doing the program, but the program has stopped being as effective as it once was and I cannot figure out why. My leader is kind of...the worst. Okay, not really.  She's a very nice lady and the meetings are NOT mind-numbingly boring like they were in Far North. She's just got these weird hang-ups about certain points/calories not being as equal as others and I think it's ridiculous and CONTRARY to the program. I understand they're different from the stand-point of fullness and satisfaction, but in terms of weight gain, they should all be the same or the program DOESN'T WORK.

Anyway, I've been struggling with only losing teensy-tiny bits while trying really hard and then gaining for no discernible reason. I joined a gym. I WENT to the gym. I ate my extra weekly points. I DIDN'T eat my extra points. I ate my activity points. I DIDN'T eat my activity points. The same or similar, ad nauseum. Nothing seems to correlate. 

But now, I have finally reached 30lbs lost. I am way behind my self-imposed schedule and there is no way I'm catching up in time to be at my goal weight by September 2014, but I'm sticking with it because the alternative sucks more.  I was going to post each week's weigh in, all in a row, like I have been doing, but that seems like effort, so I'll just post the most recent one (I'm posting on my iPad, so the formatting will look nothing like the other posts. Which matters to exactly no one but whatever).

Original Weight: 312.0 lbs
This week's weight: 282.0 lbs
This weeks change: -1.4 lbs
Total loss: 30.0 lbs

My 10% goal is right around the corner (I was going to say probably next week, but with the way things have been going, it may be forever and a day before I see it and I'd rather not put the pressure on myself) at 31.2 lbs lost. Hopefully, that's sooner rather than later. 

For now, I'm trying to focus on the non-scale victories, especially sizing victories.  I'm still in that awful in-between stage in pants where my 22s are loose and not entirely flattering, but 20s are way too tight and uncomfortable. But I can get them zipped! So that's something. On top, I'm slimming out much faster, so many of the shirts I brought with me to Texas are too big now, but the rest are still too small.  That sucked for a while, until my mom came to town and MADE me go shopping and now I have all sorts of really fun tops that will hopefully only look better as I shrink (because that's a lot of money spent on them if they only last a few months). We tried to pick things that looked good now, but would look even better THEN. We'll see. 

While my parents have been here, we've been eating out for at least two meals a day, which is what you do in vacation, but man is it hard to make good choices. Apparently, that didn't matter much, though, since this is the most I've lost in weeks.  We've also been moving a whole lot more that I'm used to--we've done the aquarium (which I stupidly did in brand new heels, ouch!), the arboretum, the zoo, and tons of shopping. So I think that helped a ton. Maybe this week will help jump start whatever stalled out back in August. I'm skeptical, but I'm trying to remain hopeful. 

How are the rest of you doing? I know many of you doing WW have quit or taken a break, but I'd love to hear about your progress, not matter what program (or non-program) you're doing. 


  1. It's so tough to lose weight, and it's even tougher to keep going when you hit plateaus like this. I was doing really well for a few weeks, then I got sideswiped by a ridiculous temp assignment that knocked me right back into the emotional eating I thought I'd kicked. So I regained most of what I lost, and have to start from scratch again. Right this second, I am having a really, really hard time getting back on the horse.
    But thirty pounds down! That is awesome! Just keep plugging away at it. It's so much easier to keep going than it is to start anew.
    Also--I know you're doing weight watchers, but have you looked at MyFitnessPal? I've only ever been successful at weight loss when I sign in every day or two and track what I'm eating--maybe adding that in will help re-focus you?

    1. I replied to you, but blogger ate my comment. It was something like this:

      I had myself convinced at one point that I was not an emotional eater and that my enjoyment of food had nothing to do with my feelings. Yeeeeaaahhh... That's a big fat lot of denial, right there. I'm sorry you're struggling--I have been right where you are. Work can be the worst roadblock to weight loss success and I hate that.

      I HAVE heard of MyFitnessPal and actually really like it, but I'm paying for WW meetings and that comes with its own tracking app. I tried to do both at one point, but it was too much work. Someday, I might stop paying for WW and do the free app, but the meetings are what's really keeping me motivated right now. Bye bye, money, I really wish I could spend you on fun things.

  2. Sticking with the program is hard but well worth it.

    I have not seen a scale in months and haven't counted points in that time either. I have been just too depressed and stressed to do anything good for me. Add in my stress eating and well...I am pretty sure my progress is all gone now.

    I am glad to hear you are still going though.

    1. Sometimes, you've got to take a break and deal with other parts of your life--weight is not the be all and end all of health, which I forget from time to time. I'm sorry you've been so stressed and depressed. I'm pulling for you!

  3. Oh my gosh! 30 pounds is WONDERFUL!! Congratulations!!!!!

    1. Thank you! I need to keep that in mind when I'm struggling--30 pounds is still A LOT. You guys are great reminders. :)