You Are Ruining Moving Day For Us

I have been getting nothing done at work recently. I have two major projects that I'm working on and right now they are both in the hands of other people. My boss and the other person I work with the closest are both out this week, so I'm not getting anything new form that corner. I find little things to do (I swear I'm fixing the copier or the receptionists computer every two hours), but nothing keeps me all that busy and HEY BLOGS because it's November. I'm not feeling like a stellar employee right now and I don't really know what to do about it. My boss with be back on Monday, though, so things are sure to pick up then.

Well, okay then. I guess I DID have work to do, since I just stepped away from this for a good 45 minutes to finish up two different reports I forgot were due today. I AM stellar at my job. Geez. Luckily, I was reminded in time to finish them and do it well.

Anyway, none of that is what I actually wanted to tell you. What I WANTED to tell you is that I think I may have found an apartment! I'm trying not to get too excited right now, because I've only looked at it online and called to make an appointment to see it. There is so much that could go wrong or BE wrong about it that I don't want to get my hopes up too far. But it's a huge complex with several openings, so I don't think it's going to get snagged out from under me and I'll be left without options. Probably.

One of the sad parts of my apartment hunt is that I think I will not be able to afford to move into a two-bedroom right now. This place is cheaper than any I've found otherwise (and yet pretty nice and in a good neighborhood--almost sounds too good to be true) and has two bedroom apartments available in my original price range. But looking at my budget, I think I need to build in more wiggle-room than that price allows me. So. What that means in a practical sense is that fostering will not be possible right away. And I'm a little sad about that, but I know I need to be on really sound financial footing before I take on that kind of responsibility, so this is for the best.

The plan right now, especially if I get this apartment, is to live there for about six months or a year and spend like a granny on Social Security and War Bonds. Then, when the timing is right, I might be able to move into a two-bedroom in the same complex (I'm really putting the cart before the horse HERE. Who knows how this is really going to shake out?). In the midst of all this saving and scrimping, I'll still be pursuing relationships with other foster parents and looking at ways to get trained--my church has a foster/adoption ministry with groups and Bible studies geared for that specific interest, so I'll probably start there. Plus, I've heard that the training with the state can take between six months and a year, so I can be doing that while saving up, too.

So this is not a dead end. I'm not even slamming on the breaks. But I do need to slow down and pace myself a bit. I don't really like this. Being patient is not my strong suit. I'm totally happy dragging my heels when God tells me to do something, but I am terrible being patient when I want to do something and He's slowing me down. I am a joy, is what I'm saying. It's a wonder He puts up with me and I am so thankful that He does.

Tomorrow morning after WeightWatchers, I am headed to the apartment complex to meet with a very nice woman (if her phone voice is to be trusted) who will show me around and hopefully not dash all my dreams to bits by telling me the rent is actually quite a bit higher or that many people have died form living in the complex. I'll let you know how it goes.

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