Missing: My Talent

Okay, you guys. I haven't posted since Monday. And Monday's post was lame. I have all kinds of excuses about why I haven't posted (I'm house-sitting, my job got busy for just this week, I'm lazy, etc), but the main reason is worse: I can't write. Not matter how hard I try, I cannot bring the funny. I have a post sitting in my drafts about one of the best Roommate adventures she and I ever had and I can't seem to turn it into anything worth reading. Which is sad, because it's a good story. It's not the story's fault; it's my fault.

You see, I've lost my talent.

My job isn't that busy today...
If and when I find it (or one of you returns it to me), I will get back to blogging on the regular. Although... I'll probably end up blogging without it. It really wasn't that helpful before. We'll see... I'll keep on working on the Roommate adventure story. Hopefully this weekend, I will be able to bring the funny and tell you all about our ridiculous exploits. Until then, happy bagel eating.

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  1. Did you make that sign? It's freaking hilarious. I know what you mean about not being able to write. I frequently go through periods where I think, "I have nothing left to write." Sometimes I force myself just to sit down and write and see what happens. Sometimes I just have to accept that fact that not everything I write is going to be fantabulous. Sometimes it'll just be okay, and I have try to be okay with that. I however, think all your posts are fantastic.