The Faces Find Me

I see faces everywhere. I have since I was a small child. Mostly smiling faces, but other faces as well. No, not human faces, attached to human bodies, as part of human beings who surround me. I mean cartoonish smiley faces in obscure places, like food or plants. I don’t know if it’s because I have a vivid imagination, a sign that I’m lucky (like finding a four-leaf clover), or that I’m seeing things that aren’t there. Recently, I’ve been documenting this phenomenon. I would say this is to prove I’m not crazy, but really I just enjoy the faces and I want to keep them around for awhile. But since I have them at hand, I thought I would share them with you all and see if you think I’m crazy or if you see it, too. Please tell me you see them, too…

These are in not in chronological or even logical order. They are in an order that I determined had the best artistic and evidentiary effect.  Let’s begin.

This is a chip. A joyous chip. I pulled it out of the bag like this. This is an obvious one, right? I guess maybe a normal person would have just eaten it without examining it. Or maybe their eyes wouldn't have registered the face-potentiality unless they pulled it out of the bag at exactly this angle. But maybe they would have seen it, too. Or maybe I'm just crazy.

I opened my pudding one day at lunch. There was a ghost staring back at me. I choose to believe he is a friendly ghost, sent to brighten a hectic and lonely day. I named him George. I'm sad for you if you go through life without finding things like George.

Sometimes, the faces are more obscure, like this cereal muppet monster (And yes, I usually see the faces in my food... maybe this is why I eat so much? Because my food is so friendly?)

But sometimes, they're very obvious. It's like some good Samaritan came along before me and turned this ash pile into a friend just for me. Is it sad that I think of these faces as friends? Because I have real friends, too. I do! I swear. They may be on the Internet, but they're real. Unless they're robots. Or alligators in disguise...

Then, some of the faces are not smiley. Sister's dashboard is evil. And it doesn't like me. You see the angry air conditioner, right? Right? Anyone?

And then there's Roommate, who gets me on a level no one else does and sends me this in a text message. It was in response to my text that said, "I miss your face. In my life. Every day." She later sent me a picture of her actual face, but this one was cute, too. (And yes, I'm that kind of needy, almost-stalkery friend who tells people she misses their faces instead of just telling them she misses them...)

These six (poor quality iPhone) photos are just a small cross-section of the last six months of my life. A life filled with faces. Most of them smiley, some of them evil air vents. Please tell me you see the faces, too...?


  1. You're only crazy if you decide to eat that pudding (anyone else concerned with the way that pudding looks??).

  2. Yep that dashboard is evil... I don't like him. George however is perfect!

  3. Kid: I did eat the pudding. I stirred it up and pretended it didn't contain a ghost. It was delicious *and* it didn't kill me.

    d: Everytime I ride wiht her in her car, I turn the vents so he's more sad than evil. :)

  4. Awesome. Thanks a lot. As if I'm not paranoid enough, now I have to worry about my air conditioner and my food and any number of inanimate objects staring at me. Watching me. Mocking me. Plotting to shoot me. You better stand guard on twitter and make sure none of them come after me...like when you saved me from the alligator.

  5. Goddess, I will always save your life! The Internet would be a sad place if you were eaten by alligators and/or shot by an evil air conditioner...

  6. haha this is funny. I see the faces everywhere too! I was in the bathroom at work and saw a goblins face in the spotty faux rock floor and wished I had a pen and paper to draw him 'cause he looked cool.. or at least a camera but last time I took a picture of a face I saw I was confused when I saw the pic on my phone months later... so now I'm thinking to draw it when I see it.. hard when you're on the loo.. got the paper.. no pen. I'm trying to stop putting pens in my hair...

  7. HA! I love this. You totally reminded me of the faces I saw in the texture on my ceiling once. I used to stare at them every night as I fell asleep, so I took pictures before I moved out. Now I see the photos on my computer and go, "What the heck are these?" I'll try to post them in my next edition of Faces. I'm sure there will be more...

  8. I see faces all the time too!! And not just in food, but everywhere! I should start documenting it too (: