Would You Like To Take A Survey?

Well, this week has been a disaster. A morass of epic (mor)assy proportions. No one died or anything. It’s not that tragic. But it was pretty bad. The one bright light is that I may break my rules soon. Why, you ask? Why would I dare to break the rule that is specifically designed to keep me from getting fired? Because I might get fired anyway. Before you ask, no. It has nothing to do with this blog. Actually, I’m convinced it has nothing to do with reality. Basically, what it comes down to is a giant misunderstanding salad with a healthy dose of megalomania sauce and a side of crazycakes. With an arsenic chaser. But, since I still have the job (for the moment), I will maintain my rule and end this topic here.

Instead, I would like to talk about you. Whoever you are. I know I’ve had a person or two stopping by these days, with a couple of regulars beginning their Bagely habit (that’s how I’ve decided to refer to this site: my Bagely habit). So, now that I have a few readers, I’d like to know more about them, er… you.

I have developed this handy quiz-like questionnaire to find out more about you. Pick a question or two (or all of them, I’m not strict) and answer them in the comments. For every question you answer, you may ask me one in return (or two or three, I’m not strict). The only questions I won’t answer are ones that will break the rules. Other than that, I’m fair game. I’ll answer them all in a post in a few days, when the traffic has been enough that I might have a question to answer. Anyway, here we go!
1.      If you could have one profession in the whole world (and not have to acquire the training, but just know how to do it from day one), what would it be?
2.      Name two things that you would change about your life, if you could snap your fingers and it would be done.
3.      Name two things that you would never change about your life.
4.      Given the choice between fruits or vegetables (like at a buffet that has only fruits and vegetables), which do you choose?
5.      If a train leaves Denver at 1:42 pm heading east at 55 mph and another train leaves St. Louis at 4:05 pm heading west at 62 mph, what time do they meet? Wait, what? Sorry… Let me try again:  You’re on a train leaving either Denver or St. Louis headed south and let’s assume this train will make any stop you want all the way down to the tip of Argentina (forget about the canal, okay?). Where do you decide to get off?
6.      What is the middle name of your firstborn child (hypothetical future child and/or live child tugging at your pant leg this very second)?
7.      What is your favorite band? Disclaimer: This may or may not be my lazy attempt to get you to broaden my horizons.
8.      If you weren’t allowed to live in the US (or your current country), where would you live?
9.      Which do you say: Pop or soda? Turn signals or blinkers or directionals? Fall or autumn? Aunt (ont) or Aunt (ant)? Tennis shoes or sneakers? Sofa or couch? Bathroom or restroom? (And any other colloquialisms you can thing of…)
10.  You unexpectedly have four days off from work (and/or are child-free) in the middle of the week. What do you do with yourself?
11.  Which do you prefer: Miracle whip or mayo? Pepsi or Coke? Mac or PC? McDonald’s or Burger King? Coffee or tea? Toilet paper: over or under? Law & Order or CSI? Toothpaste: from the end or from the middle? Sleep with socks or sleep without socks? Ballpoint or felt-tip? (And any other black and white issues you can think of…)
12. You’re stuck in traffic without your phone or a book and the radio is broken. You have only your mind to entertain yourself. You’re not in a huge rush to get anywhere, so you’re not stressed or frustrated. What is your “go to” mental entertainment?
13.  For most gifty occasions, you give:
a.       A thoughtful item you purchased
b.      Something homemade
c.       Money or gift card
d.      A well-written note or card
e.      “Oh, crap! It’s your birthday? Again? Here: I got you this… pencil.”
14.  What’s one thing you wish someone had said to you when you were younger?
15.  You’re at work and drank a 20oz latte and a Diet Pepsi and a gallon of water before lunch.  You’ve never had to pee so badly in your life, but the bathroom is full. The opposite gender bathroom is empty. Do you risk it?

Again, answer as many as you like. Then ask me questions. Because then I don’t have to agonize about what to write in my already agonizing week. And you get to know things about me. So it’s like everybody wins. Except maybe not you. Because I’m not sure my answers will be all that interesting. Let’s find out, shall we?


  1. This is fun! No one ever asks questions of the readers :) Let's see...
    1.) I'd probably be an actress on Broadway, or maybe part of the New York City Ballet. I can neither sing nor dance, so that would be sweet.

    2.) I would not have rheumatoid arthritis, or debt.

    3.) I would never change my husband or my kids.

    4.) Veggies.

    skipping #5. It confuses me.

    6.) My first child's middle name is Amelie.

    7.) Favorite band: The Killers

    Ok, I think that's it for now. THat was fun though :) Like your blog a LOT! Stopping by from RDC!

  2. Miracle Whip is gross.
    Coke is nasty.
    PC's are ridiculous.
    Don't eat anything at McDonald's.
    Mormon...no coffee or tea.
    Only hotel maids put the TP over.
    The Mentalist.
    Do NOT squeeze the middle of the tube.
    And who sleeps in socks!!??

    And YOU my new friend are stinking hilarious!

  3. Miracle Whip and mayo are both equally nasty.
    I don't like either Pepsi or coke. Can I say "red wine"?
    We have Macs but I think I miss my PCs.
    I like a salad at McDs but I had a really, really good BK french fry experience. Hm. tough one.
    Coffee, hands down, is my blood. I mean, favorite drink.
    TP needs to be over, but at this point since it is me against 3 in this house, if they'd just change a frigging role EVER I promise not to complain.
    Law & Order.
    Toothpaste is attempted from the end, but I'm so tired half the time I can't promise accuracy.
    I try socks to moisturize, then kick them off in a rabid frenzy after 3 minutes.
    I write in black ball point but edit my writing in red felt tip.

    1) take a photo of your bedside table AS IN RIGHT NOW and post it, then tell me what's on it and why.

  4. hilljean: I'm a pretty terible commenter, so when a blogger gives me a topic to comment on or otherwise directs me, I do better. So I thought I'd do that here. Plus, I actually want to know the answers. ;)

  5. Nature Girl: I totally agree with you on the socks! I'm glad to know others feel as strongly as I do. I've never seen The Mentalist, but it's on my list of things to buy on DVD. And I love Psych, which is kind of the same, right?

  6. letmestartbysaying: Red wine is a completely acceptable answer that may or may not get you bonus points or extra credit. Or something...
    And I love your question! I'm going to take that photo now.

  7. I'll accept 2 extra credit points per glass of red. Thank you.
    And I look forward to seeing that photo...

  8. 1. Crime scene investigator. I've been interested in it since Year 9 (1998) before all the TV shows because we took a Forensic's class.
    2. I'd like to learn to speak another language (Spanish now I live in the US and sign language) and I'd like to change 2003
    3. My husband and my parents
    4. fruits.. as long as they're not melons.. I hate melons
    5. Texas 'cause we have some friends there and because the Walmart there stocks the biscuits I want, Florida for Disneyland etc
    6. Elizabeth. It's a family name and I like it.
    7. Don't really have one sorry! I just listen to what I like
    8. Australia, it's my home country
    9. Soft-drink, indicators, Autumn, Arnt, runners, couch, bathroom or little-girls room or lavatory
    10. First day sleep in. and the rest of the time cleaning/sorting (makes me feel less disordered) and just chillaxing
    11. Mayo (if I had to choose 'cause both are kinda gross), Coke definitely (Mexi-coke with real sugar is best), PC, McDonald’s, Hot chocolate (hate tea AND coffee), Toilet paper over (it's much easier to grasp the end of the roll), Law & Order AND CSI, toothpaste from the end, Sleep naked :P, ballpoint (felt tips if doing something arty)
    12. Singing songs and trying to remember all the lyrics - though recently as we're getting a new puppy I'm trying to think of names
    13. a - a carefully chosen gift. It's something my family is very particular about OR c- if the person we're getting the gift for prefers to choose their own gifts then money/gift-card. Usually gift-card over money as money is impersonally, gift-card shows you know their taste.
    14. You have "fat" genes. Continue with sports!
    15. Yep! But I would let one of the other girls know and ask them to "guard" me

    Can't think of any questions yet :P Maybe i'll think of some later... :P

  9. I love all of this! I totally forgot about "indicators"! And I wish someone had (nicely) told me your #14, too. Except I would have had to *start* sports for it to work... :)

  10. 1) Customer service at a Disney park. I want to have the power to make peoples life a little bit magic.
    2) I would have a little bit more disposable income. Not be rich or anything, just have a little bit of breathing room. and find a place where I felt at home. Stop feeling so out of step.
    3) I would never change my family. I would never change the mistakes I have made. Those are the things that made me who I am, for better or for worse.
    4) Depends on the day I suppose. Prolly fruit.
    5) Home. I am not saying where that is but it is between point a and point b in this.
    6) Alexander for a boy, Olivia for a girl.
    7) My favorite band changes on the regular. Right now I am on a Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons kick.
    8) England. For sure.
    9) Soda, blinkers, fall, aunt (ant), tennis shoes, couch, bathroom at home; restroom in public,
    10) I don't know. Clean my house, read a lot.
    11) Mayo, pepsi, Mac, burger king, coffee, over, law and order, middle, off, ball point.
    12) I think of traveling Europe, going back to school, getting married, having children. What I would do if I could do anything.
    13) Something homemade. generally something knitted.
    14) Don't let bitterness become a part of you. It will poison you. Let the bad things that have happened and the bad things people have done to you pass. Don't hold onto them.
    15) Of course. I would much rather get caught in the mens room then wet my pants.

  11. Okay, so I don't know if you will get this since it is sooo late but I love these things. I found your blog through Temerity Jane and have been perusing the archives -- I love finding well written new blogs!

    1. all-night disc jockey. I am an insomniac and I think I would enjoy playing music and saying dumb things all night.
    2. a really crappy decision I made when I was 27, and I wouldn't have lied to my parents so much. :/
    3. my husband and my children (cliche much?)
    4. vegetables. I actually really hate fruit, except for berries. It hurts my teeth.
    5. the Cayman Islands. Probably not exactly on the way.
    6. Joseph (and that is his actual middle name)
    7. Hmmm, I have a few actually. Blue Rodeo, the Weepies, the Bottle Rockets. Also Todd Snider, but he isn't actually a band. He is awesome though.
    8. This question makes me break out in a cold sweat. I do live in the US, on a green card, and not being allowed to be here is my biggest (irrational, as I have an American husband and 3 American children) fear. Probably Australia or some other warm place.
    9. Pop, turn signals, ant (I grew up for 11 years in Ontario where everyone says "ant" and then moved to Nova Scotia where everyone said "ont" and I had NO IDEA what they were saying for a while), sneakers, couch, washroom.
    10. Read, SLEEP, do lots of exercise, SLEEP, cook, eat and drink a lot. Miss my children. Probably worry about a bunch of irrational stuff.
    11. Can't tell the difference between miracle whip and mayo. Coke zero (even though it's so bad for me), but Vernor's ginger ale above all. My laptop has PC capabilities but the OS is Linux, but I have an iPad that I love. Actually it is my husband's for work and I commandeered it. TEA. TP over. I don't watch either show. Toothpaste from the middle (I KNOW; I don't want to but can't help it!). No socks, but I tuck the comforter under my feet in an envelope formation. Thick ballpoint.
    12. Worrying, on a bad day. Planning (which is kind of like the positive version of worrying) on a better one. Or having imaginary conversations about something that elicited a strong opinion from me recently.
    13. A thoughtful gift, unless it is for someone I KNOW would prefer a gift card.
    14. It is not so much a matter of what I wish someone had SAID so much as what I wish I had paid attention to. Probably something along the lines of "take care of your skin". Apparently, I am vain. Or have really sun-damaged skin. (I do live in Texas.)
    15. Yes, and I have done so on more than one occasion.

    My question for you: "far north" in the US, or "far north" as in even farther north than the US? Just curious as I am a Canuck living in the deep south (East Texas counts as deep south, I think.)

  12. Hi Rebecca! Thanks for stopping by. I, too, have to go through the archives of a new blog, so I don't mind comments on old posts. Also? I think you might be my Canadian twin.

    In answerto your question: I'm trying to be super sneaky with my vague reference to Far North (although I'm sure it's not as sneaky as I'd like it to be). Let's just say that I live in the United States, but I live a lot like a Canadian (this is either even more vague or completely obvious, but I can't figure out my own sneakiness level).

  13. 1 sign language interpreter
    2 skinnier
    3 personality/everything God has given to me (oh wait that's everything. Oops)
    4 veggies
    5. Back home
    6 (hypothetically) girl-charlie, boy-mcgee
    7 not a band. composer. james newton howard. every day of my life.
    8 england
    9 soda turn signals fall ont tennishoes couch bathrooms
    10 sit at home and read or watch ncis
    11 miracle whip, Pepsi, toilet paper over, NCIS PWNS ALL, every activity ever barefoot
    12 sing. loudly. with dancing.
    13 d
    14 looks don't matter and you don't need a man to make you
    15 heck yes!

    I have no questions for you, sorry!

  14. * you don't need a man to make you happy.
    Forgot the "happy" part (: