I Am Addicted To Sundays

Today was a pretty typical Sunday:

6:30AM-7:45AM: Wake up, shower, re-snooze, run around like a crazy person to get ready in time.

8:00AM-9:00AM: Music Rehearsal, during which the Worship Pastor tries to pull a fast one and add back a song that we had axed during practice yesterday. I'm one ahead of him, because I know no one emptied the trash last night. We begin calling this song The Garbage Song.

9:00AM-10:30AM: First service. I was SO not on my game and clicked the wrong slide and the wrong words at least four times per song.

10:30AM-11:00AM: Break Time. Also known as Breakfast Time. Because I go in search of sustenance because I am SUDDENLY ravenous.

11:00AM-12:30PM: Second service. I am still not on my game, but I force myself to focus. Coffee helps. I make one mistake per song. Better, but not by much. Sister subtly laughs at me from the stage.

12:30PM-1:15PM: The time in which I TRY to leave church but get snagged into 18 different conversations on my way to find my coat. I am ravenous again, but get distracted easily. I don't mind, because I like these people. We finally leave.

1:30PM-5:00PM: I have a nap for lunch. It is delicious! I lay down for "just a few minutes..." and wake up three hours later. I am now ACTUALLY ravenous.

5:00PM-5:30PM: I drive in the snow and ice to the grocery store to buy Velveeta, because it makes delicious macaroni and cheese. Yes it does. Don't argue with me. I don't care if it's plastic. It is yummy. I also rent two movies.

5:30PM-6:30PM: I gorge myself on chili, mac'n'cheese, and cornbread. We start Horrible Bosses.

6:30PM-7:30PM: Papa shows up to plow the snow in our driveway and we shut off the movie to feed him chili. Plus, we're pretty sure he will HATE it.

7:30PM-12:30AM: We will probably lay around, watching bad movies and maybe some LOST. We will probably eat more. I might be sick... Somewhere in this time block, I will try to write 1500 words.

12:30AM-3:30AM: I will try to sleep, but I will actually toss and turn, regretting my lunch choice and praying for slumber.

Tomorrow, I will wake up early to play with the Godson. And I will regret this nap even harder. But next Sunday, we will do it all over again. Because it seems like such a good idea at the time. Just as that extra bowl of Mac seemed like a good plan. Even though I TOLD myself not to over-eat, because I always regret it. Wait, what is AA's definition of insanity?

UPDATE: Horrible Bosses wasn't worth the $1.20 I paid at Redbox or the hour and a half of my evening I had planned to waste. Just FYI.


  1. OMG I LOVED Horrible Bosses! LOVED IT! I was laughing so hard I literally thought I was going to die. Literally. It saddens me that you didn't like it, but I still love you.

  2. Sarah Pearson11/14/11, 12:03 AM

    That sounds like a pretty great Sunday :-)