Schlumpy Funks and Their Antidotes

I've spent the whole morning watching LOST with Sister. And then I washed piles of gross dishes so that Sister-In-Law can make meatloaf at our house. Why? Because I hadn't done dishes all week and there was no counter space. Oh, you mean why is Sister-In-Law making meatloaf at my house? Because her house is inexplicably out of power. And her husband is finishing up a 14 hour shift. So, he will be hungry. And there will not be warm food at his house.

Then Sister and I fought with my computer and my Internet and all of the things I need to get this here post... posted. Because our house is some kind of Internet VORTEX OF DOOM.

But even with the laziness, the dishes, the bad technology, and the fact that I probably need to put pants on when my brother comes over, this has still been a better day than yesterday. I've only used capslock twice in this post so far, and one of the time it was because that's the naming convention of the show. I think.

And the thing was, yesterday wasn't so much bad as it was WEIRD. But you guys caught that nuance, right... I was pretty sure you did. It was difficult to tell, but you guys are pretty perceptive...

In addition to the WEIRD incident, I spent most of yesterday evening in a draggy, schlumpy kind of mood (it's a thing, I promise). I wrote maybe 100 words on my novel, which is kind of funny, since yesterday was the first day I started on track. Apparently, I cannot write if I'm not behind.

But here are a couple things that were good about yesterday (these may or may not have happened the night before, but yesterday was so WEIRD that I can't keep the details straight):

1. Sister joined Twitter. Follow her @NBNickleby!

2. I joined Goodreads. Follow me as NotBagels!

3. I figured out why my novel sucks and a possible fix. I haven't written anything yet today (of course...), but as soon as I eat dinner, I'm headed into the Writing Nook. Oh, and you can totally be my NaNoWriMo writing buddy here.

So I'm back on track, I think. Although, Godson's mom texted me and wanted to do lunch and I wasn't showered or ready and I could have gotten ready, but it would have been a rush and then I would have had to drive somewhere. In the snow. That has been plowed off the streets for days, but still. So I asked for a raincheck. So maybe I'm not as out my funk as I should be...

But if I can just jump back into writing this novel and make one of my characters a little more CRAZY, like she's supposed to be (instead of the whole Elise-vibe she's got going for her right now, by which I mean cautious and boring) and to make the other character a little more loving and less OBNOXIOUSLY SELF-RIGHTEOUS, like he's turning out to be, I think things could start picking up again.

Now, because I like this blog to be interactive and it hasn't been lately, I have a question or two for you. First, what is the WEIRDest situation you've even been involved in? Use as many details as you would like. Second, how do YOU pull yourself out of a funk (not sad or depressed or even any emotion, just... schlumpy)? Tips and tricks are helpful, but mostly, I'd just like to start the conversation. TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF!! Please?

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  1. So the weirdest thing I can think of right now happened at work. I word at an accountants office - this is important. And one morning this man comes into the office and says "Hello did you do that?" So I ask him if he has an appointment and he says yes. So I check with the accountant because his appointment is not in the diary and he follows me into her office.

    She greets him and then he starts saying "I'll show you this and this" and is pointing at his legs and arms and pulling his collar aside to show her his shoulder. At that point the accountant asks him if he's looking for a doctor and says we are an accountant office and not a doctor. And the man says "yes". He seemed a bit confused and we got him out of the office saying that we are not a doctor and we can't help him.

    As if that wasn't weird enough he came back another 3 times doing exactly the same thing and always saying "yes" to our questions. I'm not sure where he came from but I know it's not us that he needs. He seemed mostly harmless but a little pushy and we are all women in the office so really a little freaky.

    And when I feel schlumpy I mostly take a nap, or watch a funny movie. If I don't catch it early it always turns into the grumps where nothing is interesting and I don't want to do anything but what I am doing makes me annoyed and doing nothing makes me annoyed. Basically everything becomes the most annoying thing in the world. Wow I just realised I get cases of teenage girl. And this is long - hope you read it all. :)

  2. Sarah Pearson11/10/11, 1:46 AM

    I find an empty room, shut the door and read a book.

  3. I DID read it all! Remember, long stories are kind of my thing, so I really don't mind long comments. And that IS weird. My former office was kind of like that. We'd get all types of people at all hours, without appointments, looking for things/services we did not provide. And they were always a little off and also rather persistent.

    And even though I'm 24 and didn't go through a lot of the typical teenage girl tantrum-y type phases (ask my mother, she'll confirm this, I think), I do find myself sinking into the melodramatic, my-life-is-so-ridiculous-nothing-will-ever-be-okay-again-I'm-going-to-flop-on-this-here-couch-and-never-move kinds of moods. This schlumpiness was not quite like that, but still in the same neighborhood. So don't feel alone in that.

    And see, this response is also long. What can you do?

  4. THIS! If I feel a case of the grumpy-schlumpy-meh moods coming on, the best choice (for me AND for everyone around me) is to get some alone time with a subject changer, like a book or a movie or some music--alone time without these things becomes stewing, which is infinitely worse. I'm seriously beginning to question if we're somehow related, Sarah.