Aliens Stole My Brain So I Can't Remember

I just woke up from an unintentional two-and-a-half hour nap. Well, the nap itself was intentional, but the length of time was not planned. So I woke up pretty disoriented. The time change thing did not help AT ALL, because it's much darker than I expected it to be. I could probably go on a reasonably sized rant about Daylight Saving Time vs standard time, but Swistle already accomplished it much better than I ever could. With a handy print-out!

I'll just sit here quietly until about 3:00 am, unable to sleep due to both the time change and the nap. On the bright side, I might have some extra time to write. Which would be pretty nice, since I went straight to church this morning, got tacos right after, and napped before I had even begun digesting--it's not appropriate to whip out a laptop and begin novelling during a sermon, it's really hard to type and eat tacos at the same time (the lettuce tends to get between the keys), and I have yet to perfect unconscious story-boarding. So you can see why I've had so little progress. Next Sunday, I'm doing this differently. Somehow...

Here are a couple updates:

1. Snow Anxiety: I was doing okay for a few days, until it snowed about seven inches this weekend. I spent last night's ride home from Brother's house with my eyes scrunched closed. I used the same tactic on the way to church this morning and I read my feedreader on my iPhone for the drive to tacos and home. These distractions seem to help some and the anxiety has never been as bad as it was that first day, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to need a little more time to acclimate.

2. LOST: Sister and I have made it into the middle of the third season. We're moving much slower with this series than we ever have before, but I think it's for the best. It gives me time to write, I'm not so overloaded with creepy/suspenseful imagery right before I sleep, and we're making it last longer, which means we don't have to go in search of a new series every other weekend. We have no money, remember? This is a very good thing for our budgets.

3. Jobs: No calls yet on either of the interviews, which I think it pretty ridiculously rude. Cue job search rant: I understand if you don't call if all I've done is apply--you probably got upwards for fifty applications and a lot of them don't meet the basic requirements. It would be cumbersome to call each one (although a nice form letter is really professional and earns my respect for your organization, because many don't even do this). But if you've called me in for an interview? It seems like you should call me back, whether I got it or not. And if I've made it through TWO INTERVIEWS for your organization, it's pretty much expected that you will call. If you offered me the job and I didn't call back for THREE WEEKS, you wouldn't give me the job anymore. If you had clients you were dealing with and you didn't return their call for THREE WEEKS, you probably wouldn't have clients anymore. So why is it okay to do the opposite? It's not. But because I need the job, I'll probably suck it up and take it if/when you call.

4. Weight-Loss: Yeah. Right. Check back after the holidays. I might be 300 pounds again by then.

5. Satan's Cat: Still as Satany as ever. A little less buckety this week.

6. Guest Post From My Mother: She wrote one back in September, when you guys requested to hear from her. And I really liked it! I read it on the way to my retreat. And then I promptly forgot to post it. Even during the times when I wasn't posting anything at all and it would have been nice to put SOMETHING up on this site and the Mom Post would have been an AWESOMETHING (see what I did there? clever? no? hmmm....). This all happened because I fail at details. I'm working on that. I plan on posting it soon. Or asking her VERY NICELY to write me a new one if what she wrote references too many things that are already over. But I think we can make it work.

7. Finding A Husband: Yeah. Right. There are no men. Ever. Let me know if there are any near you. Now that I'm unemployed, I'm more open to moving.

8. I can't think of anything else I need to update you guys about to fill this one in. That's not because I don't need to update you on other things. It's because I took a long nap today and I think aliens snuck in, reached through one of my ears, and stole my brain. I wouldn't know if they did, though. Because they took my brain. So, if you think of anything you want to know that I promised to tell you (or even if I didn't promise, but it isn't against the Rules for me to tell you), please let me know in the comments. It will give me something to post about tomorrow.

9. Is anyone else doing NaBloPoMo and finding it kind of difficult to come up with something NEW every day? Or is it just me?

UPDATE: Now with word counts!

Today's Word Count: 3053
Monthly Total:8784


  1. Sarah Pearson11/7/11, 1:39 AM

    I'm with you on the job rants - or at least I would be if I ever got called for an interview. Seems the demand for over the hill women who think they're teenagers and spend all day writing rough drafts of nothing is pretty low. Who knew?

  2. Cleats and Flip Flops11/10/11, 8:42 AM

    Regarding #3: remember what my grandma always says, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease," don't be afraid to toe the line of professional persistence. Many employers expect you to follow up with them instead of the other way around. :)