Phoned-In Face Photo

I'm hard at work on NaNoWriMo, finally making progress for the first time in days. I'm actually excited about where these new chapters are taking the story and I'm afraid I'm going to lose momentum if I stop to blog now. But I don't want to fail at NaBloPoMo, either. I TOLD you this could be an issue and that I'd likely fail at both. So, you know, no whining. In order to try to keep both going, today, on the 22nd day of NaBloPoMo, I am posting my very first "phoning it in" post.

Shut up! I have NOT phoned it in so far. I mean, I've written posts on my PHONE (including this one), but I haven't "phoned" it in. Seriously. Stop it. Those other posts may have been lame, but they still took effort! Ummm... I'm uncomfortable with the direction that sentence is going to take me. So I'm going to pretend you all get what I mean and get to the point.

Do you all remember when I wrote that post about seeing faces everywhere? No? I thought a post about my paranoia/love of accidental faces would be more memorable. Okay, fine. Click here to read it again. Or for the first time, I guess, if you're new. I'll wait.

Did you read it? Seriously, GO READ IT!

Okay, last chance.

Well, here's the phoning it in part of the post. This is all very anticlimactic, by the way. Well, I'm sure you're aware of that. If you're still reading this. Which you probably aren't. I believe the word you're looking for is anyways....

Here's a picture on another face.

This is Brother and Sister-In-Law's old kitchen sink. when they remodeled, they replaced it and put it on the back porch to take to the landfill. It snowed before they could and I think it looks like a sad, lonely old man. What do you think?


  1. I think i am jealous that you have snow.

  2. Sarah Pearson11/24/11, 3:53 AM

    I think Sarcasm Goddess' comment is very tactful :-) Me, not so much. I hate to break this to you but ... THERE IS NO FACE. You're welcome :-)

  3. Cleats and Flip Flops11/28/11, 8:58 AM

    I can see it! The two eyes and the bags under each. Sad, old, and lonely... :(

  4. It looks like the Iron Giant. Only sadder. And not as hungry.